French apparel brand Jacqueline Riu has implemented Gerber Technology's YuniquePLM to help manage its expansion into new products and additional markets.

The brand operates 200 stores across France, Saudi Arabia and Belgium, offering upmarket apparel and accessories for women.

With the web-based PLM software, Jacqueline Riu aims to consolidate its creative processes and streamline its supply chain. Previously, information was stored in various locations and in a variety of different formats, effectively limiting collaboration and speed to market.

"By integrating YuniquePLM and our supply chain management and ERP software, information will be located in one central spot, ultimately working to make our design and production teams more efficient," said company CEO Arnaud Dubly.

Bill Brewster, general manager of Yunique Solutions, added: "The integration of YuniquePLM with Adobe Illustrator, along with the software’s development calendar, will help drive new levels of creativity and efficiency."