German fashion house Tom Tailor Group has chosen to adopt Centric Software's product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to support its international expansion and better align with its younger tech-savvy team. 

The company, which operates 1,450 own retail stores and 3,000 shop-in-shops, has grown from more than EUR200m (US$223.7m) to over EUR900m in combined revenues over the last five years, helped by the acquisition of Bonita. 

Tom Tailor will deploy Centric 8 PLM across its denim division, before rolling it out to casual wear for men, women and children. Future steps will include integrating its agents in Asia and their suppliers. 

The solution is expected to support the company's key strategy of systematically analysing and rapidly implementing fashion trends and responding to consumer demands.

"Our PLM initiative is fundamental for us to enabling and reaching our strategic goals," says COO Dr Heiko Schaefer.

Tom Tailor also decided it needed to revamp its IT infrastructure as its previous system covered 74 legacy systems, which made internal and external collaboration complex and rigid. 

"Most people on our team are millennials so they are hungry for innovation and very used to mobile apps and digital technology," explains Frank Pupkes, head of IT, adding the new tool is "more aligned with a modern, younger way of working than other traditional systems." 

At the end of last year, Tom Tailor revealed it would close two of its brands and cut its workforce as part of a multi-year cost reduction and efficiency programme aimed at saving the company around EUR10m (US$10.7m) a year.

Tom Tailor efficiency drive to cut brands and workforce