Software firm PTC has launched the latest version of its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that it says includes role-based apps and ThingWorx platform connectivity for greater speed and efficiency.

PTC FlexPLM 11 offers smarter features designed to address a number of organisational needs, from merchandising, line planning and product development to sourcing, costing, quality, compliance, and supply chain collaboration

It is a foundational release that provides role-based apps and other design tools to increase productivity. The apps are designed to improve the user experience by getting the right product data and on-point features to more stakeholders – faster, easier, and in context with their daily work. 

Other features include a new freeze panes function that provides an optimised view of the line sheet and supports locking columns and column headers for easier viewing when selecting, sorting, filtering and displaying information, as well as performing mass edits.

PTC FlexPLM 11 is enabled by ThingWorx technology, which allows companies to build applications that connect, store, and relate the activities and data from people, systems, and things. Processes, supply chains, costs, and timelines keep data focused and on point and enable better decision making, which means getting to market faster, and with greater quality.

PTC says it is planning additional FlexPLM releases to include a continuous stream of app releases, starting with the Tech Pack Apps and Adobe Illustrator (AI) Design Tools, which are expected to become available in the summer of 2016.