Oregon-based lifestyle brand Pendleton Woolen Mills is implementing the BlueCherry Software suite to help increase speed-to-market, streamline its operations and support business growth.

The 150-year-old omnichannel apparel and textile company has manufacturing, wholesale and retail operations including a global distribution network company, and will use the integrated platform from CGS to align its systems with its strategic goals. 

The BlueCherry Suite offers a single database of information from concept to consumer and includes Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Advanced Warehouse Management, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Business Intelligence and B2B eCommerce for salesforce and wholesale automation.

"We are making a significant investment in our company's technology by replacing our legacy systems," said John Bishop, Pendleton Woolen Mills EVP, finance and operations, and chairman of the board. "The implementation of this solution promises to be transformational for Pendleton's wholesale business, helping us to better meet customer requirements, simplify the process and position the company for profitable growth."

Pendleton has faced challenges managing its disparate legacy systems within its wholesale business – from product development through manufacturing, inventory, sales order management and distribution. The company is replacing its existing PLM, ERP, B2B and warehouse management systems with the new tool, which allows information to be entered into one system for immediate availability throughout the supply chain.

The news comes shortly after CGS reported it is enhancing its BlueCherry Shop Floor Control solutions with a new wireless operator app and an actionable intelligence (AI) performance reporting tool.

The new tools were developed with clients such as Canada Goose, General Sportwear and Joseph Abboud to address the growing need for mobile access in the sewn products manufacturing marketplace.

BlueCherry shop floor control tool adds mobile access