Italian sportswear specialist Pepsow has invested in a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to help meet customer' requirements and support the company throughout the design, development and manufacturing process.

Pepsow has selected Centric PLM on its ability to manage the complex and multi-faceted nature of its customer partnerships and relationships. Originally established in 1983 as Pelle Sportswear, an artisanal leather garment company, Pespow now operates internationally alongside brands, designing and producing innovative quality sportswear.

"We wanted a flexible, configurable and dependable tool to meet the needs of our customers," explains Pierantonio Forato, Pespow CEO. "Most importantly, we wanted to find a PLM solution that we would be proud to share with our customers and Centric Software's 'single version of the truth' ticked all the boxes.

"One of Pespow's greatest assets is our ability to simultaneously manage many different types of collections, each with its own special characteristics in terms of sizes, variety, complexity, number of products, timelines and budgetary criteria. Centric PLM will allow us to offer a more distinctive service to our customers."

Pepsow says the solution also ensures it stays true to its promise of combining innovation and tradition while ensuring the delivery of quality and differentiated products in a cost-effective manner.

"Our goal is to work alongside our customers to design and manufacture products capable that represent and enhance the specific identity of each brand. Centric PLM will allow us to seamlessly blend tradition and innovation," Forato adds.