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Siena was formed by a number of highly experienced clothing industry software consultants, designers and developers to develop, deliver and support innovative fashion and clothing industry specific business systems.

Previous experience has been gained across the world with companies such as Nike, Levi Strauss, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans, Ben Sherman, Canterbury, Mamiye Brothers, ICC and many other organisations, large and small.

Siena Solutions offers two packaged solutions for the industry

Siena adapt! CDMS - a Sub-PDM system that provides many of the benefits of PDM/PLM systems in an easy to use, affordable, 'Cloud' based system that can be rapidly implemented to gain immediate benefit and 'take the pain out of PDM'.

Siena PCS - an extension of adapt! for those organisations that need to create and manage Certificates of Conformity required by US consumer product safety legislation.

adapt! CDMS

adapt! CDMS is a tried and tested web-based collaborative document management system designed for the apparel and footwear industries. As a Sub-PDM* solution, adapt! helps you gain control of your design and pre-production activities with your suppliers and customers. The system is flexible, fast and easy to use and is deployed in the 'Cloud'** requiring no additional technology investment.

adapt! is very different from traditional Product Development/Data Management (PDM) systems. It allows you to continue to use your familiar spreadsheet based tech packs, word documents and image files (and any other electronic files too). It provides a secure collaborative environment in which to work with suppliers and other parts of your supply chain and controls and audits the entire flow of information.

Existing processes and knowledge remain largely unaffected - the system's "light hand" minimises training and user adoption issues but applies much needed controls to the storage and delivery of documents.

The system additionally manages the approvals process whereby all the critical tracking points in the development and pre-production process can be defined and monitored across the entire supply chain. By providing significant benefits in this area for your buying agents and suppliers it helps them to help you with vital time-sensitive information.

adapt! operates as either a stand-alone system or in close conjunction with data from your existing business systems.


adapt! provides a common view of style and product information across the supply chain

adapt! helps reduce product development time and minimises costly errors

adapt! reduces the demand on email and networking and increases efficiency and productivity

adapt! maintains investment in existing process and procedures but removes their weaknesses

adapt! implements quickly and easily providing a rapid ROI

adapt! requires no up front capital investment in hardware or software and is delivered on a 'pay as you use' basis


For those organisations that operate in the USA, Siena Solutions also offers a highly configurable web based solution to the issues of managing and tracking the Certificates of Conformity required by US consumer product safety legislation.

Our Product Certification System (PCS) delivers the creation of certificates, the recording of applicable certified laboratory tests and the 'publishing' of the completed Certificates of Conformity through the internet and other means.

Siena PCS creates new certificates of conformity that can be added to as new information is received before they are finally authorised for release to customers and government agencies. The risks of non-compliance are reduced by monitoring the status of certificates throughout their creation process, enabling easy communication between all the parties involved in satisfying the law's provisions and in storing all documents required to support the certification.

The system minimises the danger of not having certificates of conformity available when merchandise is shipped and reduces the workload and errors that are involved in the manual preparation and management of certificates and their distribution.

* Sub-PDM is an approach that incorporates many of the benefits of traditional Product Data/Development Management (PDM) systems with minimum complexity and a firm emphasis on fast implementation times at the least cost. Sub-PDM can be a step on the road to full PDM or a destination in itself.

** The Cloud - a general term for supplying software as a service based on hosted servers and delivered via the internet. We use Amazon's industry-class Elastic Compute Cloud to provide you with all the resources you need. Amazon offers a highly secure infrastructure which provides computers of many different sizes on-demand, with deployment being possible in minutes. We provide the systems support and management so you don't have to!


Siena Solutions Limited
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+44 (0)843 289 9511


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