Status and Trends in Private Label

1 December 2008 | Source: Centric Software

Much has changed since the 1970s, when British retailers Sainsbury, Boots and Marks & Spencer pioneered private labels, quickly followed by counterparts in the United States and elsewhere. Long gone are the days when store brands were most notable for their black-and-white packaging and questionable quality.

In an effort to understand the trends in private label sourcing and help companies exploit the associated business opportunities, Centric Software recently conducted an extensive survey of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and private label brokers. This report presents insights from the survey, addressing these and other key questions.

  • Which types of companies are leading the adoption of private labels programs?
  • To what extent are companies sourcing private label products from low-cost countries? Has their experience been favorable?
  • What is motivating companies to expand their private label programs?
  • What are the primary challenges that confront private labelers?
  • Which tools do companies use to manage their private label programs? Are companies satisfied with these tools?
  • Do the benefits of private label programs change depending on the tools used to manage the program?

Download this white paper to discover the results.

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