Visual Next, leading provider of End2End solutions for the fashion, footwear, accessories and uniform industries, is delighted to announce that it has been
selected by Canadian mattress cover manufacturer, TM Couture.

TM Couture's business processes will be completely streamlined, and all current manual processes will be eliminated thanks to the implementation of the Visual Next End2End Omnichannel Solution. TM Couture will utilize Visual Next's PLM, ERP, SCM, WMS, SFA, ECOM, BI, as well as Visual RTS, Visual Next's new and improved Shop Floor management tool. Visual PLM will grant their business total control of the product development process, while Visual ERP and Visual BI will grant them access to real-time reporting and statistics.

TM Couture manufactures all of their products, from idea to delivery, using a method that puts the unique needs of their customers first. All designs and samples are built and sourced with quality workmanship and materials. Visual PLM will play a key role in their product development process, by streamlining their design, conception, material sourcing and more. Furthermore, Visual RTS will provide full visibility of TM Couture's production with real-time shop floor monitoring that tracks every detail, from product to worker output, in a fully traceable and transparent fashion.

Maxime Thériault, Owner of TM Couture, explains, "TM Couture is in a business environment where our success depends on our ability to rapidly respond to changing business requirements. We were looking for a fully integrated end-to- end software solution that could assist all our departments. The Visual End2End suite will be able to completely connect our business, by allowing information to be shared across all departments, in real-time. We are confident that this will allow TM Couture to optimize our business processes and work more efficiently. We are looking forward to growing our business roadmap within the domestic and international markets with the support of the Visual Next suite."

"We are looking forward to working with such veterans in the knitting market," exclaims Sam Edery, International Business Development of Visual Next. "We are confident that Visual Next's array of software will benefit the company by allowing them to move even faster from conception to production. Visual Next is known for our Out-of- the-Box solution built for quick deployment and powerful configuration to accommodate unique products, such as TM Couture's specialized quality knitting."