The most-read stories on just-style this week include the trends and developments of PLM systems, an analysis on why compliance is still a concern in Cambodia's garment industry, and the challenge of ethical standards for Burmese investors. 

Supply chain software: PLM trends
Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems provide increasingly sophisticated tools for getting the right products to market at the right time - with current trends including more integration with ERP, and collaborative sharing in the development process.

SOURCING: Compliance still a concern in Cambodian garment sector
Although there has been a slight improvement in the proper payment of wages and benefits within Cambodia's garment and footwear industry, non-compliance in areas related to worker health and safety and fainting remains "significant", a new study has found.

SOURCING: Ethical standards a challenge for Burma investors
Experts have warned that clothing companies from developed countries who implement international ethical standards when investing in Myanmar/Burma will probably be competing with Asian companies who ignore such guidance.

CAMBODIA: Transparency "boosting factory conditions"
Transparent reporting of garment factory compliance in Cambodia is helping to improve conditions for workers, according to a new report.  

CHINA: Manufacturing output up thanks to new orders
Manufacturing in China saw its first improvement in operating conditions in six months during June, according to new data.