TradeStone Software, the retail industry's leading provider of private label and global sourcing solutions, today announced TradeStone Version 2008 is now live and available to all TradeStone customers. TradeStone Version 2008 expands functionality by enhancing TradeStone's workflow to follow intuitively how retailers and product development managers think. This includes a focus on the merchandise mix rather than a single product and more graphical presentations of information for interactive and analysis purposes.

This new version of TradeStone's Merchandise Lifecycle Management suite includes a new Quality Assurance (QA) module with functionality to handle the product technical specification, grading, design and development from a retailer's perspective. The QA module also continues to extend the product footprint with more comprehensive design construction elements, offering users a natural extension in terms of building out product in greater detail. It also includes a baseline in terms of product testing, certification and compliance. Additionally, detailed testing instructions driven by the product attributes and characteristics are communicated across the supply chain and are used to monitor the sampling process, testing and to evaluate the supplier's capability and performance.

Updates to TradeStone Version 2008 include:

  • TradeStone Visuals - a graphical view that illustrates the status of products moving through a project cycle, overviews of volume and margin analysis by product category, vendor and origin, as well as vendor audits and performance metrics.
  • LifeTrack Reporting - proves a picture is worth a thousand words, with detailed graphics highlighting critical milestones for a project, including potential risks on orders/products and alerts on delivery impacts. The user then has the ability to drill down and execute transactions at higher overview levels or down to individual SKUs.
  • Google Maps Layering - gives the user a world view of their activities, with green lights indicating locations where production is on target and goods are ready for inspection, and red lights alerting the user to a problem at a specific factory. Through TradeStone's integration with Google Maps, the user is not only alerted, but can click on the lights to access the specific Factory Location/Profile and/or Purchase Order/Items in process.

"With the release of TradeStone Version 2008, we re-affirm our commitment to innovation and excellence in merchandise lifecycle management," said Ann Diamante, Chief Product Officer, TradeStone Software. "We are setting new benchmarks when it comes to Quality Assurance, functionality and ease of use, as well as exciting new visual and graphic components. We are also very proud of the enthusiastic response this new version has received from our retailer and supplier customer base and will continue to work to provide them with the best we have to offer."

Additional New Features in TradeStone Version 2008 include:

  • New flexibility to the dashboard gives customers greater options in terms of presenting relevant information to their users as well as a logical order of process steps. A rearrange feature and color coded messaging also enhance the ease of use of the application.
  • Threaded messaging is incorporated to extend the communication capability and collaboration between parties involved in a transaction.
  • There are also report libraries that have been expanded to include a library of best practice standard workflow queries, and XSL and PDF reports to support the testing and sampling process.
  • Part of the application dashboard can be made available to the user as reports. These reports are available specific to sample processing and testing.
  • TradeStone 2008 also includes support on Oracle 10G as well as SQL Server support.


TradeStone Version 2008 is available immediately.