US-based PLM solutions provider TradeStone Software is rebranding as Bamboo Rose, offering retailers, wholesalers and suppliers what it says is a new way to work that reflects the changing needs of the market.

"As Bamboo Rose, we are building apps and solutions for the consumer-driven, digital, collaborative, and always-on dynamic retail industry," says founder and CEO Sue Welch.

"In this environment, we know that people will be more effective, productive and have more fun if their work process more naturally mimics the way they act outside the office. Endless email strings, spreadsheets and lagging image downloads are no longer acceptable."

With a focus on easing and speeding the way new products are brought to market, the company says it aims to help retailers, wholesalers and suppliers "use your valuable time to do more of the things that really matter. From defining and managing materials, collaborating with and choosing suppliers, to simply seeing all your multi-market implications at a glance."

Product design libraries, materials management from samples through to final products, dynamic tech packs that can be automatically adjusted for any-market, any-channel variations are all part of its package.

It also offers any-market pricing and sourcing for a complete picture of estimated landed costs, including components; what-if costing and analysis at the component, material, style, product and PO levels; and lets users view cost comparisons and recommendations for products destined for any geography, channel, franchise or customer.

There is also the ability to search one central repository for supplier capabilities and factory performance – including recommendations that match specific needs such as cost, quality, time commitments and historical performance.

And all product testing and inspection, factory compliance and regulations data can be kept in one place.