A new software tool that helps manufacturers calculate the right amount of thread needed for a production run, and also monitor the efficiency of raw materials usage, has been launched.

A joint collaboration between thread manufacturer Amann and GSD, developer of the GSD costing and productivity solution, the ITC software module is said to provide an accurate measurement of thread demand.

It calculates thread demand per style based on a number of parameters, including BSI/ISO stitch classifications, stitch density, width of bite, material thickness, seam length, and end of seam wastage.

ITC can be used as a stand-alone application or as a fully integrated module within GSD Enterprise & GSD Quest, and provides total thread demand per operation and total thread cost per style and order. It also has a standard PLM interface via data export so that thread details and costs may be incorporated into Bill of Materials.

"ITC is a product borne from a mutual will to bring benefit to the pre-production costing process and will form an important element in cost control, lean manufacturing and Product Life-Cycle Management," says Paul Timson, managing director at GSD.