Outdoor wear group AMG plans to implement Centric Software's PLM system.

AMG will implement the business planning, calendar management, materials management, product specification, quality management, collection management, adobe connector and product sourcing modules of the Centric 8 PLM software for retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods companies.

It will also implement the Collection Book for iPad Mobile App for Centric 8 which allows the creation of customised product assortments and look books for each category of retailer with which AMG works.

Ease of use, solid customer references and a track record of fast implementations were key factors in AMG's decision. Centric will use its Agile DeploymentSM methodology-which often produces system deployments in three to four months-during the AMG implementation.

The Centric PLM software will let AMG move away from the use of numerous spreadsheets that slow down processes and isolate information in the product development, sourcing and manufacturing areas, said AMG commercial direcor Steve Craig.

The resulting improved communications with remote suppliers will be particularly helpful for the complexity and large quantities of products and materials with which the company works. AMG also will rely on PLM's "single version of the truth" about products to streamline the development of its e-commerce website.