Fit specialist Alvanon has launched a global training programme to help product design and development teams achieve better and more consistent garment fit - providing them with a competitive edge. 

The programme, which has been designed by Alvanon's strategic fashion sizing and fit consultancy AlvaInsight, features four modules covering product fit, a technical perspective, elements of blocks, key internal fit processes, and effective garment grading.

Alvanon said the programme will help align internal teams working across development and production processes, as well as enhance the knowledge and expertise of apparel companies.

Don Howard, executive director of AlvaInsight and Alvanon, said the training programme "is focused on helping companies achieve even greater efficiencies across their supply chains, increase speed to market and create garments that consistently fit most of their target consumers most of the time".

Topics include the differences between aesthetic, technical and customer fit; who in an organisation should own fit; global best practices around roles and responsibilities for product fit; how commitment to consistency can be institutionalised; the role of live fit models versus technical fit mannequins; how blocks can be applied to best effect and integrated into a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution; and how companies can train vendors and establish a better partnership with sourcing offices.

Additional modules are also being developed, including a best practices series on optimum fit standards and protocols for specialty apparel categories. Modules will comprise children's wear, sports/activewear, swim/intimates, tailored clothing, and special sizes, such as petite, plus and big/tall sizing.