Design software and PLM expert Dassault Systemes has launched its FashionLab technology incubator, which allows fashion designers to explore and test new concepts using 3D design, in London.

FashionLab is a collaboration between Dassault and three designers, and develops technology that will allow designers to integrate 3D design, simulation and collaboration tools needed to create a collection. 

The company is working with haute couture designer Julien Fournié; jewellery designer Jonathan Riss, and watch designer François Quentin.

"FashionLab is changing the boundaries of fashion design," says FashionLab director Jérôme Bergeret. "Our mission is to develop 3D virtual modelling and collaborative tools that meet the needs of this industry and that will enable it to master the end-to-end creative process, from styling to final buyer.

"With FashionLab, designers will go beyond the limits of their imagination, building tomorrow's fashion industry using the latest leading software technologies."

Fournié told just-style that the initiative lets him "minimise risk" with fabric and means that he doesn't always create toiles before moving to the final fabric, a situation that saves both time and money.

For Bergeret, FashionLab allows designers to bring sourcing into design and helps them to better understand costs much earlier in the process, allowing them to become "more competitive".

Bergeret said there is no timeline for a wider roll out of FashionLab.