With an easy to use approach, DeSL's 3D PLM solution will enable all parties to view and create 3D images of garments, footwear and accessories either on real models or mannequins.

The applications are boundless:

Fit Samples

Before your factory sends the physical sample they could photograph or video the product on a standard model/mannequin, upload the images and enable design staff to review in 3D, zoom in on key stitching or trim areas and approve or reject the sample BEFORE it is shipped. All this can happen in real time over the Internet with multiple parties able to view and comment.

Seal Samples

Exactly the same process of factory sample review but maybe central design makes some 'tweaks' and enables customers to review the 3D product before face to face buying meetings.

Production/Pilot Samples

Take images of products coming off the line before bulk production commences. Enable factory, sourcing and design staff to collaborate to agree quality without having to ship all sizes and colours.


Sales samples could be made available in 3D for full integration to DeSL's or 3rd party E-Commerce solutions to enhance on-line selling processes and differentiate you from your competitors.

The solution is 100% web based so you can involve any number of parties in the process. The images are of REAL products - not CGI - so accuracy is guaranteed. You can rotate through a full 360 degrees, zoom in and out and magnify key areas or 'hot spots'.

This application is just part of DeSL strategic development plan to enable companies to reduce cost and timescales whilst improving quality and delivery and reducing costs.

DeSL is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner specialising in web based solutions for the retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors.