European PLM vendor Discover e-Solutions Limited (DeSL) has updated its Adobe Illustrator Integration plug-in so that designers can now carry out all their PLM tasks from initial sketch to factory without leaving the application.

"We also remove all current manual tasks such as creating jpeg's and uploading these to folders and products," explains Colin Marks, DeSL CEO. "We are able to reduce the time taken to manage images, create products, update tech packs and request samples. 

"There are marked productivity gains, quality improvements and increased speed to market."

The 'plug in' has also extended to enable designers to request samples from their nominated vendors, in real time, directly from their Adobe Illustrator workspace.

This is in addition to existing functions which enable users to create and update style, fabric and trim libraries; automatically manage images; link images to products, tech packs and sample requests; and create and update style BOM's, including construction details and graded specs.

"Designers don't even know that they are using a PLM system - we enable them to focus on being creative and let the system handle all their manual and non design related tasks," Marks adds.

"In today's current economic climate it is vital that every element of cost is controlled and that people focus on doing what they are being paid to do.

"Having a solution which takes an initial sketch and having this flow right through to the factory, in a systematic manner, without the user even leaving Illustrator is a huge time and cost saver.