DeSL, a global company delivering integrated web based solutions for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile and Footwear sectors, has seen increasing demand for their solutions which help to address Ethical Trading requirements for fashion industry.

With fashion companies facing increased exposure to a range of social and ethical issues in the supply chain, DeSL's iPad applications have been designed specifically to ensure ethical compliance and enable inspection teams to perform stringent product and quality audits at factory locations. Today, a number of companies have already embraced the DeSL solution to help manage their Ethical Trading process. Most recently in January 2013, A. H Schreiber one of the largest swimwear manufacturers in the United States selected DeSL solutions to help manage their supplier relationship process.

The DeSL application enables clothing companies and fashion brands to fulfil this due diligence in the most thorough yet simple way, preventing the likelihood of negative publicity as a result of potential negligence in social and ethical management, such as health and safety issues. The solution is built around the concept of close collaboration between vendor and company, sharing required information and processes via the Internet. Many vendors are located remotely from the company it is supplying , in different time zones, so a real time web based solution is the ideal solution.

Colin Marks, CEO, DeSL commented, " All processes from start to finish are managed by the application using a real time web based solution, backed up by iPad/Android, off line, synchronised apps. Many factory locations do not have good Internet access, using this technology enables work to be completed off-line at the factory, then simply backed up to the system when Internet becomes accessible. Our solution is extremely functionally rich incorporating inspection requirements management, critical path tracking and performance inspection."

Colin continued, "The beginning of 2013 has already seen a number of Ethical Trading issues hit the headlines. The consequences of poor Ethical Trading processes are enormous, often a company will genuinely think they have all the boxes ticked, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. We would ask any fashion company that has a desire to strengthen its Ethical Trading process to contact us now to see how we can help."