In the immediate future, market growth of the fashion and apparel industry is anything but transparent, with conflicting economic forecasts and regional fluctuations.

What is certain, however, is that now, more than ever, companies are having to rely much more on internal streamlining and cost savings than consistent consumer demand to stay ahead of the game and be competitive.

To meet these strategic goals, all are prioritising technological deployments and upgrades to support overall supply and value chain enhancement.

Product Innovation Apparel brings together experts from leading fashion and apparel brands to discuss just that: what technologies are available and what opportunities they bring to the table.

Through a series of technical case studies and strategic presentations, supported by high-level networking opportunities, this two-day project aims to teach and benchmark best practices in optimising and consolidating every step of a product's journey from initial concept to grave.

So what is covered exactly?

The project is split into discussions around pioneering innovations, PLM-specific journeys and department-specific challenges from design and development through to merchandising and retail. More specifically:

  • Black Diamond and Artsana Spa - Chicco Brand's sourcing and deployment of PLM technologies;
  • Have operations at Marc Jacobs and VF International truly been enhanced through technological developments and what implications have these had on business?;
  • Have Deckers Outdoor Corp and Devanlay successfully enhanced cross-company collaboration with a lifecycle management tool and were there challenges?
  • Supporting a fast-fashion/fast-response work flow at high fashion label Muuse A/S and high-street label Benetton;
  • How to integrate sustainability at Kering and what are companies such as The Ethical Fashion Forum doing to support this?
  • Revolutionary technology-apparel integration at Studio Roosegaarde and CuteCircuit.

All of these themes and more are covered in an extensive and in-depth look at technology and its opportunities within the apparel industry.

If you feel you have a contribution to make to this event or want to find out more information about attending please click here.