Lawson Software is launching a new Service Pack for its Fashion PLM application at the end of this month, which offers 20 new usability focused features.

Lawson Fashion PLM is a web-based suite that helps apparel and footwear retailers and manufacturers management their products, from design through production.

The new enhancements were driven by customer requirements, the company says, and cover the solution’s Storyboard, Line Optimizer, Product Manager, Fabric & Trim and Source modules.

Features include improved filtering of user and business partner lists, new links between modules, better flagging of raw materials exported to the library, a Quick Launch menu and more powerful search capabilities in a number of areas – all of which will help increase user productivity.

The information held in the system is also enhanced by a new free text field to describe fabric construction, availability of Pantone codes field selecting colours, and a sample type column.

Andrew Dalziel, marketing director for the fashion industry, Lawson said the enhancements "will further simplify the use of Lawson Fashion PLM solution and help make our customers’ product development more efficient and effective.”