We all travel more than we should, spend too much time out of contact with the office but why should that stop you being able to use your PLM system?

With DeSL's PLM solution you can connect via any device which supports a web browser. That could be your laptop of course, but why stop there - if your phone supports either Safari or IE then you can sign on as if you were in the office.

Most PLM solutions offer email notifications, SMS or text alerts but what if you need to review and approve a sample, reschedule a critical path or access a costing? Unless you have access to your PLM system then these activities will have to wait.

All you now need is your phone - that could be an iPhone, Blackberry Storm or any PDA device. You don't need any special software installed on your device just the phone's browser working over 3G or WiFi.

If you combine the mobile PLM capabilities with our 'on-demand' PLM solution then you will get the agility and flexibility to manage your business and keep up to date at all times with your entire development process.

To see the full capabilities of the PLM system please visit www.web2plm.com