VFB Lingerie, a European unit of Fruit of the Loom that specialises in the design, creation and distribution of underwear, is taking steps to strengthen its PLM strategy.

The company has selected CDMi (Collaborative Demand Management & intelligence) part of the TXTPERFORM2008 SCM suite from TXT e-solutions, as the foundation for the project, which is aimed at improving demand forecasting, assortment and replenishment planning for all brands and sales channels in Europe.

CDMi (Collaborative Demand Management & intelligence) will help make fact-based decisions about sales, on-shelf product mix and replenishment. It will also ensure that inventory costs are kept to a minimum across all distribution centres and warehouses in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and England.

VFB Lingerie has a growing international presence and a wide portfolio of brands including Gemma, Intima Cherry, Belcor, Lou, Variance, Bestform and Vanity Fair.

“Accelerating planning through collaboration, improving accuracy and more importantly managing the collection lifecycle from end-to-end with stronger visibility are critical success factors,” said Fernando Camps, chief financial officer at VFB Lingerie.

“The combination of planning and performance management with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a clear plus for both planners and managers. They will allow us examine the best trade-offs at all levels, creating a strong foundation in our tactical and strategic decision making process.”