The Aberdeen Group is a leading provider of fact-based research and market intelligence. the company have benchmarked more than 30,000 companies in the past two years, and claim a unique positioned to educate users to action: driving market awareness, creating demand, enabling sales, and delivering meaningful return-on-investment analysis.

It employs the following PLM specialists and analysts:

  • Chad  Jackson (Research Director, Global Product Innovation and Engineering)
    Email: Phone: +1 617-854-5288
    Chad Jackson has over ten years of experience in the technology arena with an emphasis on Product Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Content Management solutions. His exposure spans over thousands of companies of all sizes. Mr. Jackson researches and investigates the most pressing business issues confronting product development organizations. His domain knowledge includes unique insights into end user business processes and practices, the application of enterprise software to product development, and the trends and strategies of related software vendors. Prior to joining AberdeenGroup, Chad gained a broad and deep understanding of end user business needs at PTC where he held roles in product management and product development.
  • Michelle  Boucher (Research Analyst, Global Product Innovation and Engineering)
    Email: Phone: +1617-854-5345
    Michelle Boucher is a Research Analyst in the Global Product Innovation and Engineering practice which covers product innovation, product development and engineering processes. Michelle focuses on how companies apply PLM solutions and design tools to the various stages of product development. She provides fact-based research and actionable recommendations to deploy technologies and implement best-in-class practices for managing the complexity of today’s products, markets, design environment and value chains to achieve higher profitability.
  • David  Houlihan (Research Associate and Copywriter, Product Lifecycle Management and Manufacturing)
    Email: Phone: +1617-854-5341
    David Houlihan is the Research Associate and Copywriter for the Product Lifecycle Management and Manufacturing group. He was awarded an MA in English Language and Literature by Boston University.
  • Amy  Rowell (Research Analyst, Product Innovation & Engineering)
    Email: Phone: +1 617-854-5398
    Amy Rowell is a Research Analyst in the Global Product Innovation and Engineering practice which covers product innovation, product design and development and engineering processes. Her areas of focus include: PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), product innovation, ideation and innovation management, intellectual property management, design outsourcing and offshoring, change and configuration management, and the design and development of ‘smart’ products. Other areas of interest include: mass customization, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, design for manufacturability, and open innovation.

About Aberdeen Group's PLM for the fashion, apparel and footwear industry benchmark report
In January 2008 Aberdeen Group announced their benchmark report “PLM for the Fashion, Apparel, and Footwear Industries: Enabling Speed and Responsiveness, Delivering Higher Profitability”. It describes how the fashion, apparel, and footwear industry faces intense pressure from demanding deadlines, constant change orders, and complex global supply chains. To address this, the report concludes that the Best-in-Class apparel and footwear companies are 54% more likely than the Industry Average to have an integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementation in place. Manufacturers are using this technology to manage the rapid response times and short product lifecycles that are a reality in the fashion, apparel, and footwear market.

“Apparel and footwear manufacturers with mature PLM implementations are seeing improvements in key performance metrics, including higher sell-through on products and increased percentage of full price sales, in additon to reacting more quickly to customer preference changes and minimizing the number of chargebacks due to quality issues,” says Jim Brown, VP of Product Innovation & Engineering Research. “Of apparel companies that have had PLM implementations for longer than one year, 65% are seeing YOY revenue growth.”

Aberdeen's analysis identifies four themes underlying the capabilities and enablers that Best-in-Class fashion companies are using, including; centralized data, collaborative design, visibility across the supply chain, and integration of product data with business processes, development calendars and project timelines

The report also makes the following recommendations:

  • Implement PLM to centrally and securely manage data
  • Develop collaboration capabilities to allow members of the dispersed apparel supply chain to share information
  • Integrate workflow and business processes with product information
  • Automate and integrate project status and timelines, including status alerts, making the full context of the timeline and status visible
  • Expand visibility to product data, processes, vendor performance and schedules

Get the report: "PLM for the Fashion, Apparel, and Footwear Industries: Enabling Speed and Responsiveness, Delivering Higher Profitability"