Body armour maker ArmorSmith has signed a two year subscription agreement for Zweave Inc’s design automation software, which will help it manage product development data associated with the research and production of lightweight body armour solutions for military and civilian police.
“ArmorSmith required a system that would support both male and female 3D data from medical imaging, full body scans, landmarks, 3D fit, pattern making, and portfolio management,” explains the company’s president Alex Gallo.

He adds that the software “lets us replace manual product data management systems with an integrated and automated solution that supports versioning, change control and secure collaboration with our internal and external partners in the defence industry.”

The Zdesign and Fit Studio software are Zweave’s first modules for the consumer products markets and are being launched in May 2007 in conjunction with OptiTex USA.
“Our partnership with Zweave has allowed us to integrate OptiTex’s 2D and 3D design tools with Zweave’s Fit Studio,” says Yoram Burg, president of OptiTex USA.

“The Warfighter depends on the fit of their body armour and our tools combined with Zweave’s PLM approach to managing fit data will save lives.”