US retailer C. Wonder has implemented an ERP and advanced RFID solution by Jeeves.

The company said that an RFID chip is placed on every product, which allows items to be tracked as they move from storage out to the store, and when customers take them to the fitting room or to pay for them.

By following the movement patters of the products, staff can learn more about how effective their signage has been and then place the products in the right locations around the store.

Customers are able to choose the music they play in the fitting rooms, with the company saying the next step is to create customised instore TV where "smart shelves" read what you are trying on and suggest suitable alternatives on screens in the fitting room.

Instead of using traditional check out registers, all payments are taken using iPods, so customers can pay anywhere in the in the store.

"By using iPods instead of traditional registers, the staff can move around the store freely and assist customers where they are. This is called a "Mobile Point of Sales" and in this case it has been deployed one hundred percent. Of course we save on costs since we don't have to purchase regular registers," said vice president & CTO Mattias Douhan, 9Kings/C. Wonder.