The Centric 8 product lifecycle management (PLM) system for the apparel and footwear markets should be easier and faster to deploy thanks to a new way of implementing the technology developed by Centric Software.

The company's 'Agile Deployment Methodology' is based on a configurable system and iterative process that can help speed PLM implementations to three or four months.

"Centric saw an urgent need by customers in the fast moving consumer goods markets for a rapid-value delivery implementation methodology for PLM," explains CEO Chris Groves.

The so-called agile software development process means changes are included almost instantaneously, without long delays from rewriting code or reprogramming the system.

The system also incorporates a pre-developed core layer that includes industry best practices and underlying business and data models. And users can tailor the system to meet their exact requirements through drop-down lists, menus and dialogue boxes.

This configurable, out-of-the-box approach stands in sharp contrast to PLM systems that require customisation through software programming, leading to a longer implementation time, explains Groves.