Centric Software is launching a new collection management module for its PLM system, to enable users to create customer-specific product catalogues and assortments.

The company says the module is the first to leverage mobile devices for customer catalogue presentation in the apparel and fashion, luxury and consumer goods industries.

Centric Collection Management allows marketing and merchandising teams to create "highly targeted, dynamically updated, electronic collection catalogues" for customer presentations.

Customers can log-on to any computer using a browser and view the individualised collection catalogue. Sales staff can also use Centric's Collection Book for Fashion iPad app to show assortment presentations when visiting customers.

The module links with the Centric 8 PLM (product lifecycle management) system.

"The Centric 8 Collection Management module-when used with the online Collection Catalogue viewer capability, or with the optional Collection Book for Fashion iPad App, will bring all the benefits of PLM technology directly to the people who interface with customers, allowing them to develop customer presentations with a greater level of targeting and accuracy than ever before," said Centric CEO Chris Groves.

"The end result is the ability to meet revenue targets by removing barriers to sales and meeting the exact needs of the customer."