Centric Software has launched an app to help improve onsite auditing for companies in the retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods industries.

The company said its iOS app, Factory Audit Mobile App for Centric 8, can make the onsite vendor compliance audit process faster, easier, more accurate and more productive.

The app can link audit information to vendor scorecards in Centric 8 PLM for retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods, where it becomes available to both brand owners and suppliers.

It lets auditors capture compliance findings data on the spot as they conduct assessments, enter ratings for each category, and document specific compliance issues such as safety, age, discrimination, wage or harassment.

"During Centric's recent customer advisory board meeting, supply chain managers spoke passionately about the difficulties and risks associated with today's complex compliance environment," said Centric president and CEO Chris Groves.

"Those customers viewed demos of the app with tremendous enthusiasm, and have helped shape it to provide the maximum benefit to their audit processes."

Brand owners can use pre-defined, pre-installed audit templates or configure their own templates. Auditors - whether direct staff or third-party - can respond to audit questions in writing, by recording comments using the device's microphone, or by capturing and storing photos with the audit results using the device's camera.

Audits feature a conclusion that summarises findings for review with factory managers. The device's touchpad is used to capture required signatures. GPS location data verifies the audit location.