An internet-based colour management and quality control tool has been developed to help fashion retailers and their supply chains speed the pre-production process.

Unveiled at the recent SPESA Expo and Techtextil trade shows in Atlanta, VeriVide’s ChromaShare is described as “the missing piece” in the colour management jigsaw since it integrates the whole range of colour functionality into one application.

The web-based software stores colours and images over the web, meaning that collaborating with colleagues and suppliers around the world is a seamless experience.

Based on a concept called 'Cloud Computing,' data is hosted on an external, inter-connected server, and as long as users have internet access they can view and share colours and images over the web.

Key features of ChromaShare are that it replaces traditional PC-based tools, and because it is not tied to any one instrument or dyestuff manufacturer, or any specific PLM and ERP system, it can be integrated with all key solutions. 

Users can share the same colour experience from anywhere in the world and in real-time, which speeds up colour management and decision making across companies and their supply chains.

Images, graphics, and production data can also be readily exchanged and visualised too. 

Users can purchase different modules including CS PaletteShare which provides colour input, storage, creation, comparison and searching; and CS ImageShare which allows users to import, store, and extract colour from images.

Another module is CS Workflow, which allows requests for lab dip submits to be made directly within the software, then receives and organises the responses from suppliers, enabling full control of the lab dip process.

The system complements VeriVide’s DigiEye system which measures individual pixels of colour rather than an overall colour block.

It can be used in areas where a normal colour spectrometer falls short – such as measuring colours on samples which have surface effects such as pile, gloss or sheen, are multi-coloured, or have uneven or inconsistent surfaces.