Footwear maker Dan Post Boot Company is implementing product lifecycle management (PLM) software to improve its product development processes.

Management, planners, marketing, designers, technical designers, quality management and materials management teams, as well as 17 suppliers in countries such as Mexico and China, will use the Centric 8 software.

This will help improve the group's collaboration with overseas vendors, and enable suppliers to take on greater sourcing responsibility, and create bills of materials.

"Centric 8 provides 'a single version of the truth' about our products and so removes confusion, reduces data entry duplication and errors, and compresses product design and development schedules," explained Frank Murphy, vice president of sourcing at Dan Post Boot.

While Centric Software president and CEO, Chris Groves, said the software will help the footwear firm "achieve significant improvements in product quality, speed to market, and margin".