Dassault Systèmes and Wing Tai's Zymmetry Group have teamed up to launch what they claim to be the apparel industry's first integrated global development and sourcing solution.

The Enovia Apparel Accelerator is a single Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform that connects global sourcing production offices and external parties with brand and retail headquarters.

This helps create a seamless, responsive relationship between the trend-setting creative side of the business and the practical business and production side where costs can be managed.

“Apparel brands, retailers and suppliers need a system to streamline their communication and make sure everyone is on the same page, which ultimately benefits the overall business,” explains Joel Lemke, Enovia CEO.

The new tool should enable companies to improve gross margins by allowing more control over the cost analysis and negotiation with vendors; increase management control by providing visibility beyond product development activities; and optimise merchandise opportunities and cost control by enabling multiple quotations for supplier-provided options.

“Industry consolidation, the emergence of private equity, the high cost of failure, the reduction in operating margins and the substantial working capital required have all created demands that require the industry to force its way to a streamlined level of efficiency,” said Steven Walton, chairman of the Zymmetry Group.

“If the garment industry, or a brand organise themselves and concentrate religiously on creating and maintaining an efficient supply chain, on specialisation and on collaboration, there is no doubt that profit and success will soon follow.”