E-Spec has spun off its software development group, PLM Technology, as an independent company.

The arrangement means that while PLM Technology will continue to provide implementation and custom programming services to E-Spec, it will now also offer its services directly to other customers.

The change has come about after Dallas-based E-Spec, which provides electronic product specification solutions to the apparel industry, started specialising in solutions integrating the Adobe Creative Suite with existing business systems and processes.

“By separating the development group, E-Spec maintains access to the expertise and talent we have developed, while allowing PLM Technology to expand and grow,” explains president, Dan Hudson.

“Both companies will continue to work together while focusing on their core strengths.”

PLM Technology, headed by Girish Siddappa, is based out of Bangalore, India. It offers a portfolio of software product life cycle solutions, but also plans develop its own products too.