US supply chain software company Ecvision has released a new version of its Xpresscommerce solution this week, which it said has greater configurability features for its user base.

Its modification is for system administration-level users, and gives them the ability to make post-implementation configuration changes to the software installation.
Citing an AMR Research report on 2008 Product Innovation and PLM Spending, Ecvision said nearly half of the survey participants said they will rely on in-house resources for product development, in contrast to the previous year where 60% planned to use software vendor resources.
Cheryl Layne, VP of products at Ecvision, said: “Ecvision is putting our customer demands and trends ahead of potential revenue stream by pushing configuration capabilities down to the customer.

“As the economy tightens up on IT budgets, we want to ensure that our customers have options to save money by utilising internal resources to manage their software installations and take control of some aspects of the programming to modify business processes that are critical to the operation.”

New Jersey-based Ecvision provides web-based solutions to connect retailers with the supply chain, for companies including Phillips-Van Heusen, New Balance, JCPenney, Abercrombie & Fitch, BonTon and Timberland.

Its Xpresscommerce solution uses the key functions of product lifecycle management (PLM) and supply chain execution (SCE) in a combined solution.