Simparel, developer of the fastest growing fashion and apparel ERP solution in the North American marketplace, today launched its newest addition to the Simparel Suite of solutions, SimPad. SimPad delivers an enterprise collection, creation and sales platform for the iPad that enables products to be showcased in a dynamically mobile, yet integrated fashion.

Whereas most tablet catalog apps on the market are designed to fit e-commerce workflows, the SimPad Enterprise Sales Platform is specifically designed to fit a sales rep's needs within a fashion-related wholesale workflow. As a fully integrated addition to the Simparel Suite of solutions, SimPad allows a salesforce to not only create and show collections, but also to check inventory availability and take orders that are submitted directly from the iPad into the Simparel ERP solution.

"The SimPad is an innovative way for sales representatives to put the power of Simparel in the hands of customers, literally," stated Ron Grilli, CEO of Simparel.

Key features of the SimPad Enterprise Sales Platform include:

  • Ability to distribute branded catalogs and videos to an entire teams, or to select groups 
  • Sales reps can create customized catalogs on the fly 
  • Complete access to all catalogs, videos, and information - even when offline 
  • Easily create orders while offline or online and submit them from wherever you are 
  • Access to real-time inventory availability 
  • The SimPad Platform is fully integrated with Simparel ERP

"We're very excited to incorporate the SimPad Enterprise Sales Platform into our product suite," says Simparel Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Victoria Rose. "Customer reaction has been exciting and we are very excited to be launching SimPad."