LIM - The College for the Business of Fashion and Fashionware Technologies, are partnering to provide Fashionware's Fashionshare® online communication and collaboration software tool for product development to LIM students. Fashionshare will be introduced during the second half of the Fall 2008 semester in the LIM course "Applied Fashion Merchandising."

In announcing the partnership with Fashionware, Elizabeth S. Marcuse, President of LIM said, "We are enormously appreciative of the interest and commitment shown by Dr. Paul A. Friedman, a 25-year veteran of the New York fashion industry. His outstanding experience in his family's global outerwear business, S. Rothschild & Co., his technological know-how from his conception and development of Fashionshare® and his own educational efforts as a professor at LIM, make him a valuable resource to the College. He also has a very unique relationship with us, as he is the parent of an LIM graduate as well as one of our current students."

In announcing the partnership with LIM, Dr. Paul A. Friedman, Founder and CEO of Fashionshare Technologies, Inc. said, "From the moment my daughter Hadassah applied for admission to LIM, I became absolutely taken with the education for the business of fashion that LIM offers and wanted to help them develop the next generation of fashion and retailing industry leaders. Sharing my daughters' educational journey, creating Fashionshare, and teaching at LIM have been among the most gratifying experiences of my career."