The sports brand Fila has agreed a deal to use PTC's data management and collaboration software.

The sports apparel company has decided to use PTC's web-based product data management and collaboration software, called Windchill, to reduce time-to-market and product costs while improving product quality and information exchange.
Fila, a subsidiary of Sport Brands International (SBI), said the solution enables it to better manage and control access to product data and imagery throughout the supply chain. The PTC agreement is aimed at enhancing Fila’s global product development by optimising its supply chain.

Fila vice president of global product and general manager Kristin Kohler said: " As the industry matures, consumer expectations increase in terms of brand and product, as well as the creation of a clear point of difference in the marketplace. Fila's goal in re-positioning the brand in this environment is to align various processes in the organisation to successfully deliver against this challenge.

"The PTC retail, footwear and apparel solution will help us achieve our goals by providing more transparency and collaboration to the product development process, a higher level of product analysis, and a better focus on delivering the right Fila product to the consumer."

Fila will implement PTC's solution for its US, Italian, Hong Kong and Guangdong operations in both the footwear and apparel categories.

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