The latest version of Gerber Technology's pattern design, grading and marker making software has been enhanced to improve productivity, simplify workflows and generate more accurate material costs.

AccuMark 8.5 also offers a fresh, new interface and simplifies many day-to-day tasks including inputting customer orders and planning markers, the company says. And integration with Gerber's YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software has been improved so that users do not have to re-enter similar information in two systems.

The system includes "Easy Plan" order planning, which enables users to specify customer order sizes and quantities by colour and set maximum ply height and number of bundles. It then plans the markers and generates the orders automatically to maximise material utilisation.

The software also contains expanded pattern design functionality so that users can quickly create sleeves or diamond or rhombus-shaped darts. There is also improved grading for pleats and darts and support for multiple turnback corners and folding of pleats and darts.