Gerber Technology has released an updated version of its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for the apparel industry, with new tools for enhanced visibility into supply chain planning and execution.

Fashion Lifecycle Management (FLM) Workflow version 8.8, provides greater visibility for merchandisers and developers into product development, design and sourcing in the global marketplace. 
The software is designed to help merchandisers connect in real-time with designers, suppliers and buyers throughout the development process.

This should help products to be created, managed, tracked and delivered efficiently and more cost effectively to the market.
Improved merchandising and product development features include a snapshot on the home page of a product line’s current state, a workplace menu that links quickly to a user’s most frequently-accessed areas, and a built-in reporting tool that enables users to create, filter, save and share detailed reports on all functions of the supply chain.

There is also a real-time visibility tool that provides views into functions throughout the system, and self-reporting capabilities that allow users to see the overall progression of particular tasks.