Contemporary fashion brand Guess? Inc has extended its use of PLM (product lifecycle management) software to manage its global sourcing operation.

The company is connecting its global sourcing and PLM efforts using Dassault Systèmes’ Enovia Apparel Accelerator for Sourcing and Production.

The goal is to improve information flow and communication with partners, increase lifecycle visibility, improve collaboration and enhance its brand value through constant innovation – all within a single platform.

With sourcing operations throughout the world, Guess needs to provide information such as colour codes and style numbers to its suppliers in one common language.

The company will now expand its use of Enovia V6 to harmonise all its colour, style and fabric information so that the same information is provided to suppliers and retailers regardless of geographic location.

“One of Guess’ core strengths is our ability to identify fashion trends, put the concept together, source it very quickly and have it in the store in time to meet consumer demand,” said CIO Mike Relich.

He added that the apparel sourcing solution “enables Guess to be a responsive and nimble fashion leader by seamlessly managing collaboration with our suppliers, production facilities, and retail and wholesale locations.”

Jointly developed with Wing Tai’s Zymmetry Group, the Enovia solution integrates sourcing within the design and development process.

This allows companies to manage collaboration with production offices and retailers, as well as supporting costing and pre-production processes.

“In order to remain competitive in a fast-paced industry, Guess needs to accelerate the processes involved in bringing their products to market,” said Steven Walton, chairman of the Zymmetry Group.

“One of the most effective ways to do this is by linking global sourcing with product development – in essence, marrying creative fashion teams with the practical production side.”