Infor's new Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application has been developed with what the company describes as a "fresh approach" to help brands, manufacturers and private label retailers develop styles more quickly and efficiently.

The newest addition to the Infor Fashion suite links vital areas of product development to the supply chain, from line planning, design, development and sourcing, to production, inventory management, customers and distribution.

The result is a tool - Infor Fashion PLM - that helps supports the design workflow, new product development cycle, and streamlines the overall planning process.

According to details released today (19 February), every line of code has been developed using the latest technologies to give a platform that helps "all members of an organisation's value chain innovate faster, respond more rapidly and act more decisively," explains Infor's global industry fashion director Robert McKee.

"These tools are critical to companies looking to succeed in a fast-paced global fashion value chain," he adds

The new platform is intended to serve as the hub for a product development team, with each collection, style and its components accessed through an intuitive user interface.

Many common and time-consuming repetitive tasks have also been automated, allowing fashion designers to focus on being more creative and innovative.

"By bringing creative, technical and commercial skills closer together, an organisation can drastically shorten the time to market - while increasing the likelihood of consumer acceptance," McKee adds.

"This also lowers costs and reduces errors, giving teams more time to focus on critical tasks and accelerate product innovation."

The new application can interact with both Infor and third-party enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems so that designs can be communicated through every phase of development, production and distribution to the end customer.