NRF 2009 New York, NY - January 12th, 2009 - Jesta I.S., a leading supplier of business solutions for the soft goods and specialty markets, announced today that it will be launching the latest release of Vision Merchandising, release 11.0 at the National Retail Federation's 98th Annual Convention and Expo taking place January 11-14th, in New York City.

Vision Merchandising release 11.0 allows retailers to streamline workflow with more granularcontrols, and even greater ease-of-use. The new, highly configurable Business Rules Configuration module (BRC) dynamically controls the behavior of the application based on the authorization credentials of the individual user signing on to application.

Increasingly, retailers are seeking business intelligence solutions that access and exploit their entire organizational information warehouse. A new data repository is incorporated in the new release of Vision Merchandising to address growing reporting and analytics requirements for Jesta I.S.' current and future clients. Vision Analytics can mine vast amounts of data stored in the core OLTP databases, and extract, transform and load data selectively into distinct database schemas to facilitate a higher level of analytics. Retailers can then leverage the data subsets to empower their users to generate on-demand dashboards, scorecards and reports quickly without significant involvement of IT staff.

The newly created Mass Allocation feature can process multiple style color lines on the same allocation run, with minimal user interaction. With Mass Allocation, users can allocate one item and the Vision Merchandising will automatically apply the logic to multiple items, taking into account different size and quantity breakouts, resulting in tremendous time savings and increased staff efficiency especially during peak receiving periods. Vision Merchandising's new "Size and Pack Optimization" allows for dynamic creation of size runs and/or pre-packs based on the size performance of a select group of styles at a select group of locations.

"One of the biggest challenges facing specialty retailers with size intensive items, such as apparel and footwear, is purchasing optimal size runs and pre-packs for styles selling at locations with large regional sizing differences. Our new Size and Pack Optimization module will help our clients to more easily customize size requirements, ultimately improving sell-through and customer satisfaction," stated Nicholas Cherney, Director of Product Marketing for Retail.

"At Jesta I.S. our objective is to offer solid products that stay ahead of the curve. We feel that Vision Merchandising stands out among the strongest retail applications on the market in its ability to help retailers ensure that the right product mix is in the right place to meet consumer demand, having regard to differences in regional markets," stated Leslie Belcher, President of Jesta I.S.