Women's lifestyle brand Lilla P has begun implementation of Gerber Technology's YuniquePLM software solution, which it will use to centralise product information, streamline business processes, and better manage growth.

The New York-based fashion company will adopt the web-based product lifecycle management (PLM) system in its design, merchandising, and supply chain processes.  

"As we continue to expand our product line, production volume and frequency of deliveries are growing significantly," notes Lilla P co-owner Thomas Nakios. "YuniquePLM provides us with the tools we need to keep up with the growth we are experiencing."

The software will organise all product information into one location and make it more accessible to teams and factories.

"With the increased visibility the software will provide into our business processes, we expect YuniquePLM to streamline both our go-to-market and delivery cycle times," Nakios added.

The implementation will initially begin with internal design, planning, and merchandising teams who will leverage YuniquePLM to create and share a single source of up-to-date product information, images, and time/action calendars. This organisation will save time and enhance collaboration on products and processes.

External factories and vendors will then be linked online through the system's fully integrated supplier relationship management (srmOn) module. Extending access to vendors will help them save time, reduce errors due to incomplete or outdated product information, and provide visibility into supply chain processes.

The company also plans to integrate YuniquePLM with its existing web-based NetSuite ERP system.