S Schwab Company, which owns the Little Me line of newborn and toddler clothing, has implemented Yunique Solutions' plmOn product lifecycle and srmOn supplier relationship software.

Yunique, a developer of the fashion industry’s top-ranked product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, said that S Schwab has just completed its first full live season of use.
“Unlike many companies that are implementing their first PLM system, we have been working with and improving on product data systems for some time,” said Doug Schwab, senior vice president and CIO.

“Our previous systems just never quite gave us the user-friendliness and scope of functionality we needed to achieve full buy-in from our teams and vendors. Our criteria for the new system was probably more stringent that most buyers simply because we have so much experience in this area.”

S Schwab employs more than 400 people across the US and Hong Kong.