Western boot maker Lucchese Boot Company is to replace its legacy business software with a fully integrated system to streamline its business process and increase operational efficiencies.

The Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) BlueCherry Enterprise Suite will be used by multiple teams to manage everything from new product development to manufacturing and customer delivery at the boot firm’s El Paso, Texas headquarters.

The benefits Lucchese expects to achieve include time and money savings across its vertical footwear operation.

“Our old business system could not adapt to our changing needs,” says Tom Hough, Lucchese chief financial officer.

“Even though it was heavily customised, it lacked industry-specific functionality and was not conducive to integration with other systems.

“With continued growth, we recognized the need for an industry-tailored system that could help us streamline our various business processes and provide us with more timely and accurate information for decision-support.

The BlueCherry implementation includes the core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, as well as the product lifecycle management (PLM) and warehouse management system (WMS) modules.