Sports equipment producer Oxylane Group, which until recently was known as Décathlon, has chosen PTC’s FlexPLM to accelerate development of its private-label products.

The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution will be used to optimise the development process, from product design through to supply, and will be deployed simultaneously in France and in the countries where its main suppliers are located.

This means that the head office at Villeneuve d’Ascq (north of France) will be linked up with the following sites: Quechua (mountain sports) in the Alps region, Tribord (water sports) at Hendaye and Geologic (hunting and fishing) at Cestas (near Bordeaux).

At the same time, the tool will be accessible to all production subsidiaries of Oxylane Group and its subcontractors in Europe, North Africa, Asia and South America.

The software should reduce the data entry process to a single operation, whereas in the past some data had to be entered seven or eight times and translated three times.

It will also improve collaboration between the design and development teams and the supply chain partners around the world; reduce design costs and lead times by cutting the number of prototypes required; and improve product quality.
In addition, FlexPLM will ultimately be used for designing sports shoes and bags bearing the Passion brand name.