TradeCard, Inc. announces the availability of a free online webinar featuring Patagonia and the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) that illustrates strategies deployed at Patagonia to obtain visibility into work in process and factory packing, scanning and shipment building. The webinar took place on December 13th and was headlined by Kevin Burke, President and CEO of the AAFA, Doug Freeman, Vice President of Supply Chain at Patagonia, and Gary Schneider, SVP of Account Management at TradeCard.

The webinar replay is available at:

"Supply chain transparency and efficiency is a requirement for any competitive U.S. apparel or footwear company," said Burke.  "During last week's webinar, AAFA member Patagonia was able to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and sustainability as important components to overall supply chain transparency.  Patagonia's case study is a helpful reminder that leadership through collaboration has been critical to their success."

In its mission statement, Patagonia pledges to "build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." An essential component of its success in working towards its mission is transparency and visibility into the global supply chain. Patagonia has deployed a cloud-based strategy to obtain visibility into the movement of goods and suppliers throughout the production lifecycle.

"From Patagonia's perspective, there is now a single place where their entire supply chain can access data and collaborate," add Schneider. "Date changes are immediately fed back to Patagonia's ERP system so that all of the systems remain current and there is no reliance on any manual rekeying. Customer service reps have immediate access to promise dates. In addition to eliminating paper from the supply chain, Patagonia has empowered all of its suppliers to work smarter and with more efficiency."