Footwear manufacturer Rocky Brands has expanded its product lifecycle management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) software implementations.

The group, whose brands include Rocky, Georgia Boot, Durango and Creative Recreation brands, owns two manufacturing facilities in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and an office in China.

The company is a long-time user of NGC's PLM and SCM software and has recently expanded its application into three new areas.

Extending PLM to its marketing and e-commerce departments means product data is no longer maintained in multiple locations, which has eliminated repetitive work and improved the accuracy of product descriptions and data.

The company has also tapped PLM to create an automated, real-time and fully integrated process for item setup and updates, replacing its manual third-party ERP system and improving speed to market.

Rocky Brands has also adopted new EZ-Ship software, a factory scan/pack system that integrates with the company's SCM system to help streamline shipping processes and improve finished goods inventory management.