Simparel, developer of the fastest growing fashion and apparel ERP solution in the North American marketplace are hosting a series of complimentary breakfast sessions.

The Simparel Sunrise sessions, 'where food meets fashion', will allow fashion and apparel companies an opportunity to learn how they can enable growth in their business and also discuss what the future holds for the fashion ERP software landscape.

During the breakfast sessions, Simparel experts will provide an informal presentation on the unified model approach to ERP, which Gartner Inc says "enables greater agility, flexibility and responsiveness."

The Simparel Sunrise Sessions breakfast briefings will take place around every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Space for each session will be limited, so Click Here to Register

The planned dates are:

Tuesday, September 17th
New York - Simparel Corporate Offices

Thursday, September 19th
Los Angeles - California Market Center

Tuesday, October 22nd
New York - Simparel Corporate Offices 

Register for any of these events here or for further information contact