Shapewear brand Spanx has begun implementation of PLM and global sourcing software to increase speed to market and improve organisation across its product line.

The e-PLM and e-SPS software from NGC (New Generation Computing) will also help collaboration and communication between designers, factories and employees.

Spanx, which was launched ten years ago and now offers hundreds of shaping, contouring undergarment designs for women and men, previously managed its product design and factory collaboration with manual processes.

“We ran the business on spreadsheets, as is typical with young companies,” says Robert Hunnicutt, technology project manager.

“But with our rapid growth, it became harder to manage information and the flow of data. Our product line was growing tremendously, we added more staff, and the number of factories tripled within 12 months. We couldn’t keep running our business on spreadsheets.”

He adds: “We needed a system to help speed up development, from concept to production.”

The new software is helping Spanx streamline its product development by organising product sketches, specifications and all digital assets much more efficiently.

The company has also speeded up the design process by streamlining the flow of information and becoming more structured.

Designers are also “using their time more efficiently, which has allowed us to have more products available and add more flexibility into our design schedules,” Hunnicutt explains.

The company is also benefiting from enhanced communication and collaboration with factories and faster speed to market as a result of the improvements in design processes and production.