US skiwear company Sport Obermeyer is set to implement NGC Software's Global Enterprise Suite for PLM, SCM and ERP.

The company believes the software will provide it with the right strategic systems to manage further growth.

"We feel we can double or quadruple the size of our company with the same manpower with NGC's GES, because it will allow us to get more productivity out of our current employees. This alone will give us a boost in profit and revenue," said Sport Obermeyer technology director Greg Bannister.

It also expects to improve time to market, and streamline collaboration with its production facilities.

"For example, if we need to drop a style in the middle of production, our factories will know right away, which will save us considerable cost," said Bannister.

The company epxects to cut five weeks from production by eliminating the need for a dozen people to enter the same data repeatedly.

"If we complete the production of a ski jacket design five weeks earlier, we'll get the jackets to factories that much earlier, and we will have earlier shipments, which leads to better customer service," emphasised Bannister.